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How to get face unlock on any Android device

Years ago, Apple started a new trend of using fingerprint for phone unlocking, with its Touch ID, which was featured in iPhone 5. And this time again the new trend has been set of using face unlock. After which a number of Android devices are featuring face unlocking, not only flagship smartphones like Oneplus 5T but budget phones like Redmi Note 5 Pro, also supporting this feature. But not to worry if you don’t any of these smartphones. You can get face unlock on any Android device easily. This may not be the perfect as in advanced smartphones but good to give you a good experience. So, here’s

How to get face unlock on any Android device

STEP 1 –

For the face unlock experience you need to download an app, called IObit Unlock. The app can be downloaded for free, available on Google Playstore. There are hundreds of apps on Playstore for the same task of face unlock, but not that much good. This app is the best option available in our testing.

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STEP 2 –

After installing the app, open the app. Firstly the app will ask you to register a pattern lock, setup a pattern suitable for you. This is necessary, in case if the face unlock features fails in any situation. And right after it, the app will ask to register an email, which will be helpful to recover the security settings in case you forget the password or pattern.

STEP 3 –

On the app’s home screen swipe right, which will open a tray with options. Search and select the Face Unlock among the available options. After this you need to tap on Start as shown. After this the app will download the AI database, for this you need to connect it to a internet connection.

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STEP 4 –

The last step is just to register your face for the face unlock. For this just tap on the Enable Now option as shown. This will direct you to the next and final procedure to register face. Before the procedure make sure, there is adequate amount of light on your face and face should not be covered. During the capture hold the phone still at your eye level.
Now if you’ve done all that you’re all set to get face unlock on any Android device.

STEP 5 –

The last step is to apply the face unlock for the lock screen. For this on home screen, tap on the Lock icon and Face icon, as shown, to finally use face unlock on any Android.

You can also add / register another face for the face unlock feature. For this go to Settings and tap on Face Unlock Settings and then on + icon, and repeat the same procedure.

Note: Use this app just to experience the face unlock, the face unlock via third party app like this doesn’t offer much security.

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