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Get Fortnite battle pass for free-Epic Games dev might be giving free $10 credit for enabling 2FA

It appears that Fortnite Battle Royale players, and other Epic Games users will get free $10 in their accounts by just completing a simple task ahead of Epic Games Store mega sale.

This news blew the player’s mind when they saw it popping in Fortnite’s in-game news section as $10 are enough to get 950-V bucks or Fortnite battle pass for free.

According to the message, all players will have to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on their Epic Games account during Epic Games Mega Sale. Upon completion, players will get $10 in their account.


The message was later removed from the game, and Epic Games took to Twitter to clarify players that no such is offer or sale is happening right now.

“Whoops! An MOTD snuck out about a sale. There is an Epic Games store sale on games in the works, but it hasn’t launched yet. Stay tuned to @EpicGames for details in a few days.”

They also confirmed this as an accidental leak as Epic Games store sale is in the works and will be live soon.

Get Fortnite battle pass for free

Two-factor authentication is the best way to secure your account. By offering an incentive to players, Epic Games is hoping to enable more security measures on players’ accounts. This wouldn’t be the first time the developers have offered rewards for enabling 2FA but, this time reward is $ 10, and it is sufficient for a player to buy new skins, cosmetic items, or the Season 9 Battle Pass in Fortnite Battle Royale.

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