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How to get iPhone X Swipe-Up-Home gestures in Android device using app: Step-by-Step

Apple launched it’s the smartphone of future, the iPhone X with the edge-to-edge display and with no buttons. Since there is no button, the smartphone can be unlocked using face recognition. Since there is no physical home button, so Apple introduced a number of gestures to perform the actions like going home, killing recent apps, going back and others, and it looks amazing. But the gesture, swipe-up-home can be used in Android devices, with the use of a third party app. So, here’s

How to get iPhone X gesture Android device.

STEP 0 –

Starting with, installation of the third party app which we will use to get gesture control. Download the All In One Gestures app from the Google Playstore for free. (DOWNLOAD NOW).

STEP 1 –

After the installation of the app. Search and open the app, which will navigate you to the three tabs (in screenshot) from which you need to select the SWIPE tab. And after hit the ENABLE option below the SWIPE tab button.

STEP 2 –

On hitting ENABLE option, the app will ask to enable the services for the app. Tap on the option, which will direct you to the Accessibility settings. Find the All in one gestures and tap on it.

STEP 3 –

In Accessibility settings, turn on the services by tapping on the slider option in top right corner. After turning it on, it will show the actions that app can perform on getting the accessibility. Read them carefully and tap on OK.

The third action, i.e, observing personal data and credits card number, may not be acceptable, if you use device for online payments.

STEP 4 –

After giving accessibility to the app services. Go the app again in the Swipe section, turn ON the enable option. And tap on the Bottom Area option (as in Screenshot). After selecting the bottom area region, you will be asked to choose he action to perform with the gesture, select Home.

Now if you’ve done all that, you’re all set to use the swipe-up-home gesture, as in iPhone X. It can be done simply by swiping up touching the white portion in the lower middle section.


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