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“Getting Over It” An Another Brutal Game From Foddy

Getting Over It is a fun game like Cuphead but it becomes very annoying after some time. It is a 2D game by Bennett Foddey who is  famous for creating brutal games like CLOP, GIRP, and QWOP. It is a punishing climbing game came out on 6 December 2017.

Basically, the game is all about climbing trees, mountains and piles of garbage using only a cursor operated sledgehammer by applying some physics. You have to strike the hammer on the surface of things to climb by maintaining the physics of body. If you miss out a point of interaction with the hammer you’ll start to fall down unless you start moving hammer and stuck it in a middle way.

The whole game is accompanied by jokes about your stupid loss to give more irritation, disappointment and even sometimes a calm song start playing at that moment when you fall in the middle way or starting point and lose the progress.. That is the most frustrating and irritating moment.

The game wants to shows you a huge disappointment through these irritating music and songs. It is so challenging to play this difficult game with all these features. The quality of physics is good to the top in the game and only a pro gamer can survive the game themes.

Foddy says:

I created it “for a certain kind of person, to hurt them,” and I have out done himself. I’m hurt.

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