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Ghost of Tsushima at PSX 2017

One of the Sucker Punch’s biggest hit was Infamous series & to be more precise – Infamous:Second son.

Known for their different ideas and concepts, Sucker punch is developing a new IP called “Ghost of Tsushima”. The game has been teased earlier at paris games week.

At PSX 2017, Sucker Punch talked and we learned following about the game :

  • As per the trailer, the era we play in was “1274”, interesting to see what japan holds for us.
  • We play as the Samurai on the losing side,weird? Actually it should be fun.
  • First time Japan is being invaded by an outside force and you are one of samurai survives.
  • Now being able to fight the others, have to learn a new combat style referred to as ‘Ghost style’ or ‘Ghost combat’.
  • Sucker punch is changing its director with this game and they are trying new things with their brand new IP.
  • Also, we can see some authentic samurai references or some historical heroic action sequences.
  • We can only speculate but it could be open world.The locations in the game are references of the real-one.They are respectful towards the reality and fantasy that they are showing through their story.
  • The coolest thing was Motion-captured horses. They have used actual horses and yes it’s about time.

We still don’t know when it’s going to be released but we can hope to see a lot more content of the game in coming months.


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