Friday, December 3, 2021
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Gifting System Fortnite coming soon to item shop

The new datamined files are suggesting the inclusion of the gifting system for the game soon. Players were waiting out for this feature from quite a long time, as they always wanted to receive and share skins with their friends and fellow players.

As the game offers a variety of skins. emotes, gliders, pickaxes and back bling, and not everyone has the capacity to purchase it. So, one who has purchased the skin will be able to gift the skins or other cosmetics

The exact inclusion of gifting system is still ambiguous, but in the recent past, we have observed that data mined results often meets the reality.

Also, it is also not clear,  the item which is gifted to another player is returnable or not. In addition to it, you can also gift the item to yourself, also you can personalize the gift for sending by adding message and gift wrap for your friend.

Gifting System Fortnite

Gifting System Fortnite

Although, as per data mining results, you will only be able to gift multiple recipients at once, only be able to gift the same player in the window of 10 days

For Gifting System Fortnite, The initial limit of sending the gift to multiple recipients will be bound to 4.

You can also gift wrap an item and send it to yourself, but it is yet not clear, why would you gift an item to yourself. Some players are predicting, if you send the item to yourself, it will be non-returnable


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