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Girliyapa, Love Is Love with YouTube Creators For Change

The episode “ Love is Love” by Girliyapa is truly an inspirational work for many those who are still hesitant to accept about their actual self or even talk about it. Starring actors Nidhi Singh, Jitendra Kumar, Gajraj Rao and Vibha Chibber. The episode showcases a girl, who very bravely accepts being a lesbian in front of her parents who are trying to find a suitable guy for her marriage.

Girliyapa, Love Is Love

The parents were initially shocked at the revelation by their daughter, they were just not ready to accept the fact that their daughter was interested in girls more than boys but gradually as the girl starts to explain them, they calm down. Afterall ‘Love is Love’ and it has no boundaries.

Girliyapa, Love Is Love

Youtube Creators for Change

This project was made possible by the Youtube Creators for change program. They are an online and offline support chain for the LGBT community in India. According to them, after the section 377 verdict, we have moved towards a positive change but there is a lot of changes yet to come in our society. Youtube creators for change is a global initiative that supports creators who are tackling social issues and promoting awareness, tolerance and empathy on their youtube channels.

Nidhi Bisht, Creative Head, Girliyapa said “We made a short film about love. It’s the story of a girl coming out to her parents. This was conceptualised and written months before the verdict since we hoped for a verdict in favour of the LGBTQ community. As content creators, we felt it was our responsibility and privilege to use this platform to raise awareness on this topic’.

Tracy D’Souza, Channel Head, Girliyapa said, “Made with Youtube creators for change, ‘Love is Love’ is aimed at starting a conversation about homosexuality in Indian families. YouTube recognises the fact that we all have the power to help create the world we want, irrespective of the kind of videos we make, which is what we aim to do with this video”.

About Girliyapa

The all-women team at Girliyapa aims at sharing fun, quirky stories from a woman’s perspective that can make people think beyond the clichés. The Girliyapa team of women want to say things women always ‘think of’, but never say perhaps because of their fear of being judged by society and her peers. It is India’s leading Women Centric channel for entertainment. The 2-year-old channel has over 1.9 million subscribers on YouTube. The channel popularised faces such as Mallika Dua and regularly collaborates with A-rated celebs such as Kangana Ranaut, Tapsee Punnu among others.

We truly support this cause, because at the end Love is Love!


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