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Glitch reveals new Black Ops 4 specialist Spectre

A user shared a screenshot on Reddit about the glitch occurred when he was changing the acoustic sensor in create-a-class. According to the user, during changing of the settings, a mismatched text appeared on the screen.

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According to the image shared by the user on Reddit, the image gives a description of the item “Smoke.”

Description- “Smoke: Smoke grenade with a large radius. Enemies inside are visible to Spectre.”

Black Ops 4 specialist Spectre
Credits: Xarson1270, Reddit

The item description also mentions “Spectrewhich shows that there is a possibility that the specialist Spectre may make its way in the Black ops 4.

If you are a great fan of the Call Of Duty series, you might already know about Spectre. Spectre appeared in Black Ops 3, with Ripper as the specialist weapon and Active Camo as the specialist equipment. Ripper is a mono-edged twin blade that sprung out of their wrist, and dangerous enough to deal an instant kill in close range. And Active Camo allows the player to become invisible for a particular time.

Treyarch may launch specialist Spectre in Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 soon. But we are expecting some changes, like different abilities as compared to the BO3’s Spectre. For now, there are no precise details from Treyarch regarding the new specialist.

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