First time in India Sony brings collector’s and a special edition of the games in India and it starts through God Of War. God Of War’s Collector Edition and Limited Edition pre-order are up in India along with the standard edition.

But currently pre-order are active only through the retail shops of the Delhi and Mumbai.Online pre-order will also start soon. The standard edition of the game cost Rs. 3,999

God of War Collector’s Edition

God Of War Collector’s Edition includes both digital and physical content. Digital Content includes :

  • Death’s Vow Armour Set
  • Exile’s Guardian Shield
  • Dark Horse Comic
  • A dynamic theme

Physical content includes:

  • Steel bookcase including game’ss physical disc
  • 9-inch statue of Kratos and Atreus
  • Cloth map
  • Exclusive lithograph Two Huldra brothers carvings

Its prize is Rs. 9,490.

PlayStation 4

God of War Limited Edition

The limited edition price is  Rs. 4,999. Its digital content includes:

  • Death Vow’s Armour Set
  • Exile’s  Guard Shield
  • A dynamic theme

And Physical Theme includes:

  • Black and silver steel book with the God of War PS4 game
  • Physical copy of an art book by Dark Horse
PlayStation 4

Another edition will be available at the time of release but it is only announced exclusively for the U.S. It is God of War Stone Mason Edition. It includes all Collector Edition’s content along with Stone Mason’s ring, Mimir’s head talking keychain, 2-inch horse , troll carvings and Defender of the Chosen Shield.

PlayStation 4

God Of War is releasing on 20 April exclusively on PS4.In India, PS4 games faced the delay of weeks many time. This time Sony assured the availability of all editions on the release date i.e 20 April.

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