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Google Bans Cryptocurrency Mining Apps from Play Store

Google Bans Cryptocurrency Mining Apps from Play Store | ban on cryptocurrency apps

Cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin gained a lot of ups and downs last year since then the number of cryptocurrency mining service and apps increased drastically to which many challenges relating to privacy and security raised. In an effort to minimize such things, tech giants like Facebook and Apple have taken serval steps. Now the Google has also come forward and has decided to ban several categories of apps, including cryptocurrency mining apps in its recent play store apps Policies.

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First spotted by AndroidPolice. Some of the categories that have been put to hit includes:

Child Endangerment: Apps that include sexual content and appeal to children are not allowed.

Cryptocurrencies: Apps that allow cryptocurrency mining on devices will not be allowed.

Dangerous Products:  Apps that initiate the ways to make explosives or other weapons will not be allowed.

Repetitive content:  The apps that have the same content as any of the apps already present on the play store and which do not provide any unique content will not be allowed.

(Complete policy can be found here)

Google Bans Cryptocurrency Mining Apps from Play Store

Another policy other than the ban of cryptocurrency apps that should be appreciated is of repetitive content. On Play store, you can find a number of apps having the exact same content or we must say that they are an exact copy of each other about which many developers are complaining about from quite a while, finally, Google has taken a step forward to remove apps which don’t have anything unique to offer.

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However, Talking about the ban on cryptocurrency apps, Apple allows cloud-based mining apps. Google also has similar definitions to apps stating “remotely manage the mining of cryptocurrency.” As the policy has just been updated, it will take a few more weeks to clear if all of the mining apps, including the legit ones (as legit as a phone mining app can be), are being removed.

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