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Google Chrome gets new design, new mobile layout, AI & more

Google Chrome gets new design –

Google Chrome Browser is 10 years old today(4th September) and finally getting a new look, a new user interface, and what not. So, let’s see what Chrome got on its 10th birthday.

Google Chrome new features

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The user interface and design are the main changes that have been done in Chrome, which includes an all-new color palette, new icon pack and also the new rounded tab design, which looks really refreshing and better than the older trapezoidal shaped buttons, as you can see in the desktop version of the Chrome. The new tabs not only look good but also come with a lot of new features, giving more easiness to the hardcore Chrome users, so, there will be no problem, even if you open a ton of tabs in Chrome, which currently is not a problem as well, but Google improved it for good.

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The new design is not the only gift given to the browser, other than this Google updates the new user interface, and altering prompts, menus, and URLs in the address bar as this new update. Also, Google will be working to make Chrome smarter and a safer place for online browsing, and with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, online spam, phishing, and malware source will be detected easily.

Google also improved how its address bar works in the new update. Google shows this new feature where the user gets the answers to results directly in the new search bar without opening any tab. So, if the user is searching for any basic new like the weather status, or cricket score, or information related to an ongoing event, the results for those queries will appear automatically in the search bar in Chrome. Other than this, the address bar allows easy navigation, find and switch, among the already opened tab.  

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Google is also changing its autofill feature in Chrome browser, with the latest update, the autofill works differently in the browser and will be more accurate in autofill the passwords, username, addresses and other information that has been stored by the user on the Google Account, and can be used on any device synced with the Google account. Other than this, now Chrome will manage your password more effectively and not only this, you will be suggested strong passwords for any sign-up, so, you can take help from it if you are not very creative in creating passwords.

Google Chrome new features

Other than the new features in Chrome, Google is also updated its iconic Dino Game for Chrome’s 10th birthday celebration. Recalling, the Dino Game in Chrome appears, when the browser is not connected to a stable internet connection. With the new update, the Dino Game will include the birthday cakes, balloons, as a part of the celebration.

Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, VP of product management, Google, says, “When we first launched Chrome, Sundar said: ‘We think of the browser as the window to the web. A decade later, it’s still the tool people use to access all of the websites and applications that help them do what they want to do. As Chrome heads into the next 10 years, we want to expand that window—so you can see more and do more.”

The new Chrome design in the new update will be available across desktop on PC and Mac, and of course on the mobile versions of Chrome on iOS and Android.

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