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Google Chrome will mark HTTP sites as insecure from July 2018

Initiating with the July, Google Chrome has decided to mark all HTTP sites as not secure in accordance with Google Official Security Blog, which has published by the security product manager Emily Schecter.

Currently, the Chrome demonstrates neutral information icon, but once the Chrome 68 version will be launched, it will display an additional warning to users in the address bar. The secured sites with HTTPS mark are currently displayed with the green lock icon and secure sign

Google is using different methods to alert users to keep them away from unencrypted sites for years, but this is the most powerful step taken by the Chrome till date. Chrome team has said that this move will bring more sites to go for HTTPS marking. Google search has started to downrank the unencrypted websites since the year 2018

Google has confirmed that out of the top 100 sites on the web, eighty per cent of the site is using the HTTPS, The company has said with this step taken, a majority of the web traffic will move to the HTTPS marking from the July month

What this HTTPS marking actually means?

Well, once your site is HTTPS marked, it protects the channel between the visited website and the browser, such that no one can tamper with the traffic and no can spy on your network. Without the HTTP marking, someone having access to your network can tamper with packet data and inject malware or track your web access.

With the help on google Lighthouse tool or by purchasing SSL certificate, you can migrate your server to HTTPS marking. In case of any issue, you can contact your domain & hosting provider company to ease out the process for you.

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