Google introduced Chrome offline feature

Google Chrome offline feature

Google continues to improve the user experience and always introduces new tools and feature for the same purpose. And now, Google introduced a new feature on Thursday. It’s the new Chrome offline feature, and Google released this version for several countries including India. With this new Chrome offline feature, Google will let its users surf the web using Chrome browser even if internet connection is fickle and unstable.

Chrome offline feature on Android lets users surf websites without Internet

Google Chrome offline feature

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According to the Amanda Boss, Product Manager, the new Chrome offline feature is smart, and it will download the content which is relevant to you, based on your search and browsing history and not only this, also based on most popular in your location. The content will be downloaded automatically whenever your device get connected to a stable internet connection or WiFi and you can access the content at any time even in case there is no internet, so, you need worry if you are stuck in an area with an unstable internet connection, Chrome holds your back.


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This new Chrome feature by Google would be available in over hundred countries around the globe including India, Nigeria, Indonesia, and Brazil, targeting the region where people still face the problem of fickle internet connection.

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You can also give it a try, there is nothing much to do, to try this new feature, just go to Google Play store and update the application. For now, the new Chrome offline feature is only available for Android platform for targeted users.



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