Google takes full responsibility for security of data on its Cloud Platform

Google takes full responsibility for security of data on its Cloud Platform

After a lot of scrutiny over the security of their cloud computing service, Google Cloud, Google has come forth and claimed full responsibility for users’ data on the platform.
Google Cloud is a service that provides computing, server facilities, analytics, and many other such tools over the cloud. It allows businesses to run their online services without needing to invest in their own hardware, and at the same time allows developers to code and run software that requires a lot of processing power which might not be available on-site.

The cloud computing industry has boomed ever since the expanse of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence into the mainstream world, and more and more developers are starting to develop ML and AI-based softwares. In such a scenario, Google Cloud becomes essential as these sectors require mammoth amounts of computing in the early stages to train and the availability of Google Cloud means that the devs have a place to deploy them.
The service is quite robust and boasts giants such as Airbus, Coca-Cola, HSBS, etc. to be its clients. At such a level of popularity, data security becomes a major issue as more and more people rely on it and a single major attack could have severe economic consequences.

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Miles Ward, Director, Solutions, Google Cloud, commented on the issue and said, “Our businesses cease to exist if we violate customers’ trust. So we have to be responsible for customers’ data,” during his keynote address at the Google Cloud Summit 2018.
Ward also pointed out the fact that they have invested about $14 billion on security infrastructure alone in the past three years.

Google claims to integrate security as the first-order principle, not as a response to regulatory demands and fulfils the claim by placing over 1000 security engineers to sniff out any global vulnerability.
With all these efforts by Google to provide a strong-as-ever security on such a huge platform, we hope that other companies like Amazon follow suit and amp up the security on their domains.

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