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Offline sharing is now 4 times faster in Google Files Go app

Offline sharing is now 4 times faster in Google Files Go app

Google launched the Files Go application at the end of 2017, to manage the device effectively, especially the devices having lower storage capacity and low-end RAM, the Google Files Go app helps to free up RAM and organizes the applications on the smartphone. One of the best and noticeable features of the app is the deletion of unused applications, duplicates, chunk files, images, and videos.

Files Go utilizes the new advanced technology for recognition the duplicate files and unnecessary data, which can be deleted to save some space on the device. Google Files Go also allows you to transfer files to other devices at very high speeds, the files can be shared to other devices even without the use of mobile data with the speed of up to 125 Mbps. And today, Google upgraded the Files Go application and now the offline sharing is 4 times faster in Google Files Go app with an enhanced security feature.

Google Files Go Update Features:

There is a new change in the user interface of the app, now the files can be shared more easily, for this, nearby sharing now has its own dedicated tab called “Share”, which can be found easily. Tapping this option opens a new tab, which has a smoother and easy to use user interface. And the noticeable feature about the new update is that it works on almost every Android phone supporting version from Android 5.0 (Lollipop) to the latest Android Oreo.

Google Files Go

Second feature coming with the new update of the Google Files Go is the faster connections of the devices. Google has improved the feature which was fast earlier but now, improvement has been done, and now it is faster and it only takes only five seconds to establish a connection between two devices.

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The biggest feature that Google Files Go is getting with the new update is the faster transfers of the files between the connected devices. According to Google, the new Files Go works on the fastest method possible for sharing files available on the smartphone, like the 5GHz Wi-Fi Direct, to make sure that user gets the highest transfer speed possible. And now, a user can share the files up to 4 times faster than the previous speed, that is, approximately 490Mbps. So, no more waiting for sharing files, it will some seconds to share a photo.

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Google Files Go in its new update is getting an enhanced security feature, which means the sharing of files on the Files Go is more secure now. Now, the Files Go application helps you verify that you are connecting to the person that you want and encrypts all your transfers for additional security.


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