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Google Flights to Predict Flight Delays using machine learning

Traveling via air is quite comfortable and fast but taking a flight on the Same time is really a nightmare and which can even get more frustrating when a flight gets delayed. So now Google is planning to solve this problem by predicting flight delays through machine learning algorithms.

The tech giant has a platform know as Google Flights which makes it simpler for you to discover and book flights on the move. But, the company on Wednesday announced it is now upgrading the platform with two new useful features.

Google Flights
First, Google is now trying to predict whether your flight will be delayed with the help of machine and deep learning algorithms. It is using historical data for the flights to make the prediction and will only flag those flights for which the probability of delaying is around 80 percent. This will give a rough idea about real life situations which can be very useful for many of the users specially during sudden change in weather conditions.

Secondly, the Google Flights platform will now inform you more about what amenities will be provided on a flight. This feature will especially come in handy for the users who’re looking to book flights on a budget.

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