Google is all set to launch it’s two of smart home devices, Google Home and Google Home Mini in India, via Flipkart. The launch is set for 10th of April, on Tuesday. Google introduced it’s smart home devices range, last year, and already has launched Home devices in other countries. And Last month only, we came to know from a communication circulated by a Google distribution partner – Redington India – to retailers, that the two new devices will launch in India in April. Following this, Google teased the arrival of the Google Home and Google Home Mini via its Twitter handle.

Google Home and Home Mini launch in India

Google Home and Google Home Mini devices are listed on Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart with the tagline – Intelligence Meets Comfort. The launch is all set for 10th of April, Tuesday. Flipkart will start the sale for Google Home and Google Home Mini at 2 PM.

Talking about Google smart home devices.


Google Home India

Home is a medium sized speaker powered by Google Assistant, capable of doing more than just playing your favorite songs. It basically comes with a single time color, but the modular design allows you to change Home’s base cover. There are no visible buttons, the Google Home can be controlled easily with touching on top, with different gestures. Other than playing music, staying updated with the news and weather conditions, Google Home can be used to cast videos by just saying “Hey Google” or “OK Google”.


Google Home Mini India

Talking about Mini, it’s just a smaller version of Google Home. It comes in three colors: “chalk,” “charcoal,” and “coral.”
Home Mini have simple controls, even with no visible buttons. To pause Mini while playing music, you need to just tap on the top, and tap on the left or right side to adjust the volume of the playback. To mute the mini, there’s a switch on the back. There are four indicator lights embedded beautifully under the fabric on top, which is visible only when lit up. Home Mini is more than capable, of hearing you in a medium-sized room and wakes up with voice detection, just need to say “OK Google” or “Hey Google” and the device gets ready to take commands.

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Both the smart home devices are listed on Flipkart, but there is no information given on the website about the starting price of the devices. But for an idea, US pricing of Home devices can be considered. The Google Home is priced at $129 which is roughly Rs. 8,400 whereas Google Home Mini is priced at $49 which is almost Rs. 3,200.

As per now, the Google Home devices are only available on Flipkart via sale, and there is no information when it will be available on other portals or stores.