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Google IO 2018: Google Assistant new features

Google CEO Sundar Pichai kicked off the most awaited Google IO 2018 at Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, California. And as we know, Google Developer Preview for the upcoming Android P arrived months back this year. Now in the Google IO 2018 event, tech giant revealed the features of the upcoming Android P. Google proved again that this is the era for Artificial Intelligence powered devices. Google not only revealed the new OS features like gestures but also the new abilities of Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google Photos, and more.

Android P beta

If we talk about the best things that Google has ever created, then the first name comes in mind is the Google’s Virtual Voice Assistant. Google Assistant was not a unique invention, as a Virtual Assistant in a smartphone, Apple has already done that before with its Voice Assistant, Siri. But, if we talk about, which is the best voice assistant now, then Google stands first and all of this because of the deep machine learning and the fantastic artificial intelligence engine created by the tech giant. Google Assistant also comes in Google Home devices like Google Home, Home Mini, and Home Max and are proving one of the best and productive smart home devices. And now with the new upcoming Google Android P, it is going to be more smart and productive.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant new features

Also, Google Assistant is getting six new different male and female voices and also, the voices will sound more natural compete with the pitch, pace, and pauses, thanks to the great Machine Learning developed by the tech giant. Google, in order to make Virtual Assistant more natural, smooth and familiar will use a different Artificial Intelligence-based technology called WaveNet, A Generative Model for Raw Audio. And Google will also add the voice of American singer-songwriter, John Legend, and six different voices to Google Assistant later this year.

Google Assistant

Talking about the other advanced features and improvements, Google Assistant will soon make calls conversation for you.

Here is the example of Google Assistant making phone calls (using different voices):

Duplex scheduling a hair salon appointment-


Duplex calling a restaurant-


Scott Hoffman also said about the Continued Conversation in the Google Assistant. This means now you can talk to Google Assistant continuously without saying “Hey, Google” again and again between the conversation.

By Google: Google Assistant making real phone calls?! Artificial intelligence is taking crazy steps forward. How far will it go?

With the new Google Assistant, you will be able to perform Multiple Actions, like now you can listen to songs on your Bluetooth speaker and control TV at the same time.

So, this is all that Google revealed about the new advanced features of Google Assistant at the Google I/O event at

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