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Google IO 2018: Android P features revealed

Google CEO Sundar Pichai kicked off the most awaited Google IO 2018 at Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, California. In the Google IO 2018 event, tech giant revealed the features of the upcoming Android P. Google proved again that this is the era of Artificial Intelligence powered devices. Google not only revealed the new OS features but also the new abilities of Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google Photos, and more. The Google IO event was about the new Android P features, and the main area of interest was the new design and User Interface of the new Android OS. It’s very obvious that the Android P is really inspired by iPhoneX a lot. And with the new gestures in the Android P, Google is all set to beat Apple’s super-flagship iPhoneX.

Android P features
SOURCE: Google, YouTube

So, let’s see, what’s new in the UI.

Android P features –

-Design and User Interface:

The biggest change has been made to the navigation buttons, Google has been using the three navigation buttons since the first Android smartphone in the year 2011, but now these navigation keys got a new touch with the perfect blend of gestures. Like, to switch between apps, you need not tap on recent apps tray button and then select app, in new UI it can be done by just swiping left or right in the lower section, this makes multitasking easier and smoother. And sliding up from the home button opens the all apps tray available on a device.

Android P features
SOURCE: Google, YouTube

And another thing that is changed on new UI, is the Google search bar is now moving from top to bottom, as default, making it much easier to tap it by fingers.

The new Android P User Interface is all about the gestures, making the experience much smoother and easier. Tough, the gestures look almost like the iPhoneX’s gestures, but Apple provides gestures exclusively on its super-flagship smartphone. And here Google takes a lead, as the amazing gestures will be available on every Android P smartphone, whether it’s a budget phone or a flagship phone.

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-Smarter Android: Powered by AI

Google is in strong favor that the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will change the way we use technology and gadgets. And this time Google reveals the AI based Android P which is smarter than ever. And in the event Google has shown the same, with the new smart, AI-based features of Android P. First is the Adaptive Battery, Battery life is always a problem with the Android OS, but now, your smartphone will learn about the app usage of the user and will adjust the battery usage by the app for a better battery performance. And according to Google, the reduction in CPU app wakeups will lead to increase in battery life.

Android P features
SOURCE: Google, YouTube

The other smart feature is the Adaptive Display Brightness. You might think, that previous Android version comes with the Auto-Brightness mode, yes, but this technique works on the ambient lighting around you, which is detected by the sensors on your smartphone. But according to Google, this technology is not that perfect, as the new feature in Android P learns the brightness preference of the user and will adjust the brightness accordingly, so, no more playing with the Auto-Brightness sliders.

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-Smart Tracking & Do Not Disturb Mode

Smartphone has become the most important part of the life, we do Internet surfing, gaming and a lot of stuff, but in doing so the smartphone addiction has become a big problem. People spend hours and hours with their smartphones, which could generate health problems. Google with its new AI-based Android P, will be tracking all of the activity, like how much users use the phone, how many times user unlocks the phone, time spends on YouTube, time spends on social media apps and others. You will be asked to enter the limits of hours to use every app that you use on your smartphone like you can enter 1 hour for Youtube, and as long as you cross the time limit, the app icon will turn gray. You can still use the app, but you will be reminded that you’ve crossed the limits.

Android P features
SOURCE: Google, YouTube

Google also introduced the new smart DND mode, actually, it’s a Shush gesture, with which the Do Not Disturb mode will get activated as soon as the user puts the smartphone face-down. After the smartphone enters the smartphone DND mode, you won’t get any notification from apps, any calls, but you can still get important calls from the starred contacts. This will be helpful to get some time from daily busy life, for having a delightful dinner or playing with your kids.


-No More Out-of-Date Apps

According to Tomsgiude, Google is cracking down on apps designed for previous generations of Android in the P developer build, The Verge noted. If an app doesn’t use a recent SDK targeting Android 4.2 or later, users will see a pop-up alert when they try to install it. Google will also require new apps to target Android Oreo by November.

So, these are the Android P features that Google revealed along with the new ability coming to Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Photos. Tough we know, the Android P features that Google revealed, but there are a lot more features that will be revealed on the launch of upcoming Android P.

The Android P beta is already available to download and this time it is not limited to the Google and Nexus devices. As announced by Google, the Android P Beta will be available for other manufacturers also with whom Google has partnered and not just for Google devices  Thanks to Project Treble, which made it possible, which was unveiled by Google last year.

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