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Google Maps Disneyland street view with 11 tours added

Google has given a treat for Disney lovers, the company has updated its Maps to bring the Disney magic to them. In the official blog Street View Program Manager Deanna Yick has stated that Google Maps has been added with 11 Disney tours of American Disney Park to the Google Street View

Currently, it includes the Magic Kingdom and California street views from the Disney Land; and three from Disney World which includes Epcot, Hollywood Studios and the Animal Kingdom

Google Maps Disneyland

The images showcased on the street view are pretty crisp and clear giving a decent Disney experience. In some of the photos, you will notice that giving you great insights into Disneyland if you planning a trip with your family and friends

The street view of Disneyland is also working with the VR and users can also explore the famous Mickey Mouse in the new street view.


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