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Google Maps Gets Departure, Arrival Time Feature for Android

Google Maps is one of the best navigation app available on smartphones, and probably the most used navigation service which offers a lot of features to the user, and Google is continuously updating the app with additional features. A few months ago, Google updated Google Maps with estimated ride fare feature, route suggestions and a few more. Now, Google is about to add one more feature to the Google Maps, which will be able to estimate the journey time of the transport. To recall, the journey time estimation feature is not new, the navigation app has already rolled the feature for the public transport.

The new feature named ‘Set depart and arrive time’ is now available for all the Android devices, where car drivers get the estimate time for the arrival to the destination, by simply entering details like departure time and the date of the journey.

Not only this, using this feature, user can find out the time at which they should start the journey. For this users just need to enter details like, the time, they want to reach the destination, the date of journey and time.

Android Police also reported that the new feature calculates the time for the arrival and departure based on the traffic status at that time, and any unexpected traffic status can change the calculated time.

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