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Google Measure app for ARCore supported devices out now

Google Measure app for ARCore devices is available for download. The Measure App lets you measure various surfaces in real life by using your camera to view them. The launch comes shortly after Apple announced their own MeasureKit App for iOS 12.


What is ARCore

google measure
The Google Measure App utilizes the ARCore feature to identify various objects in the environment and to draw on those in a virtual space accessible through the camera.
The Measure App was announced in 2016 as a set of a few apps for Google’s Project Tango. Google scrapped and discontinued the project in March this year. Google has since then replaced Project Tango with ARCore and finally brought in the Measure App.

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How to use the Measure App?

The app is compatible with all ARCore supporting devices. Check if your device is compatible here. You can install the app from the Play Store.

(Source: Google AR & VR)

To use the app, all you need to do is fire it up, take a look at your surroundings, draw a line over a surface you want to measure, and let the app do its magic. It lets you see the reading in both metric and non-metric standards.

Who is it for?

Google Measure App is a boon for people of all walks of life.
For the general public, many times you need to measure the dimensions of an object. For example, if you went furniture shopping, chances are you might not know whether that mahogany table will fit your dining room. With the Measure app, you can instantly calculate the dimensions and find out. No more need to carry around a tape measure everywhere.

For professionals, it can be a great means to measure surfaces that cannot be accessed physically. For example, a burning hot piece of metal cannot be easily measured, but with the Measure app, you can calculate the length without touching it.

Final words

The arrival of ARCore has meant a lot to Google as the company firmly believes that the future of interaction lies beyond just real life and VR. This app is one of the many firsts that ARCore will be able to achieve. As the potential of technology grows, we go deeper into the realm of Augmented Reality and find out more and more uses of the platform.


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