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Google Phone App gets built-in Caller ID and Spam Protection


Google has rolled out a new feature in the Google Phone app for Android devices called Caller ID and Spam Protection, after a period of beta testing. Google with this new feature of Caller ID and Spam Protection in the Phone app, will be able to filter out the calls that it detects to be as spam. Google didn’t explain much about how the system works, but surely the app algorithm will be different from that of the famous Call ID app, TrueCaller, which works on the basis of the feedback received by the other app users and create a database on the basis of it.


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The new Caller ID and Spam Protection on the Google Phone app will work on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and the versions above. To activate the new spam protection feature, Google needs to access the information related to your calls and other info. If your device is compatible, you will get the new Caller ID and spam protection in your Google Phone app, and there is no need to activate it by yourself, it is activated by default, but users can choose if they want to turn it off. If the Caller ID and Spam Protection is activated on your device, it will not only filter the spam calls but also eliminate all notifications and alerts for that particular number. You can also see filtered calls in the app’s call history section and also received voicemail can be checked easily.


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How to Turn Off Caller ID and Spam Protection in Phone app

The new feature is active by default, but if you want, you can disable the Caller ID and Spam Protection easily.

To Turn Off the feature, first of all, open the Google’s Phone app on your Android device and then tap the more option, to do this tap on the three-dot symbol on the same page.

Tapping on the three-dot icon, you will get a number of options, from there simply tap on the Settings option and then simply tap on the slider button near the Caller ID & Spam option. Doing this, the spam filter option will get disabled in your device.

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But we recommend to turn on the Filter Suspected Spam Calls, as this will block the spam calls to ring your phone.

Not only this, the new feature in the Google Phone app allows users to mark calls as spam. It can be done easily, to do this, you just need to open the Google’s Phone app and head to Recents. Here, simply, identify the number and tap on it, if you want to report it as spam, and then simply tap on Block or Report Spam. Tap on Block once again, when asked for confirmation to block the number.


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