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Will Google Pixel 3 Look Like this? Having No Notch

Pixel 3 Design !!

Continuing the trend, Google will debut its next Generation Flagship pixel smartphones in October with the commercial rollout of Andriod P. The next will be named the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3Xl.

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The images found on SlashLeaks shows the features inside Android P developer beta, and in the sketch of the smartphone, it is clearly visible that the smartphone has a true bezel-less design with No notch like the iPhone 10 and most of the other smartphones available today with Notch which were inspired by the design of the iphone10.

Google pixel 3

However, the Vivo is expected to debut a much teased and most awaited smartphone the Apex smartphone on June 12 and its main highlight is that it has no bezels and the selfie camera of the smartphone pops out of the smartphone. Not only Vivo, Lenovo is also teasing a new smartphone with a similar true bezel-less design called Lenovo Z5 which is to launch on June 14. Below is another leaked image of the Pixel 3.

Google pixel 3
Google pixel 3

If the leaked sketches are to be believed then Google is going the same way. If the design is true bezel-less then it will be speculated to watch how and where the Google houses the selfie camera, earpiece, and sensors including the ambient light and proximity sensor. However, we do suggest you take this information with a pinch of salt as all these are leaks and rumours and nothing is officially confirmed by the Google.

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