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Gran Turismo review in detail & rating

Gran Turismo, the best creation of Polyphony Digital is back with the latest installment in the series, i.e, GRAN TURISMO SPORT. Recently a number of racing simulators launched, like Project Cars2, Forza Motorsport7, etc. But with all of the racing over the time it can be said that there is something special about the new Gran Turismo game perhaps it’s because new title comes around every couple of years by Gran Turismo. The new GT sport features a collection of around 150 cars from Mazda to Porshe and 17 real world locations from a F1 race to a famous off-road Rally race, with stunning graphics. And to enjoy the graphics to the best extent, it can be played on VR with the VR MODE and playing on the PS4 including 1080 pixels of resolution and HDR support. VR tour mode for driving in one on one dresses and you can move your head around 360 degree to add my both environment send the call interiors how many tracks will be available the extent of the VR tour mod is unknown at this point but. Lets talk more about it and compare a bit with the Forza Motorsports and Project Cars

2. Gameplay and Graphics

The most important and amazing part of a game is its graphics and GT continued the legacy by providing the best graphics, you will experience the same as soon as you start you very first race, the graphics of this game are really awesome, much realistic which makes the game more beautiful and gives a amazing experience when played on HDR resolution, and with a VR setup, it will give you the feeling of a real life endurance race, the interior of the cars are designed so perfectly and the sound, which is also realistic, boost up the gaming experience on a different level, and specially for the people, who loves the roar of car engines, this racing game going to amaze you a lot. The sound of every detail like, whether it is slipping of tires on the track. But GT Sport lags a li’l bit when it comes to dynamics of weather. Unlike its main competitors for the sports Gran Turismo, which feature dynamic weather system for that but it won’t have even have a day night cycle however players can modify the time of day before beginning the race to add that extra to the visual spend especially when playing in 4K on the PS4. Gran Turismo has always been a little daunting for the new players thanks to its assists. Gran Turismo sports will alleviate, an auto drive for braking and steering driving markers break indicators counter steering assist and all, will be also in able to ease you in of course veterans can hope right in with the expert preset that tells every assist off and brands you full control online races will have yes assist presets so you can best find this is fitting your driving level.


Campaign mode

It seems like Gran Turismo sport is all about online events and games but there is a single player campaign mode it is actually a combination of 4 modes, first is Driving School which is concerned with teaching various racing fundamental. Mission challenges which presents you with different objectives to overcome like conquering a time trial, circuit experience which will test your expertise and racing etiquette where you practice signals and another protocols to drive safely this will continue to earning and FIA Gran Turismo digital licence allow you to participate in actual on track racing in game.


Gran Turismo online Championship perhaps one of the coolest in addition to the GT franchise is FIA affilated online Championship in GT sports. Championship will be the Nations compare place from various country will face each other than actual. At the end of season there is a manufacturers cup. Online matchmaking in Gran Turismo sport is based on three parameters drive level, sportsmanship rating and driver rating the driver level is usually the XP which increases progressive, sportsmanship reading focus on those who receive and avoid colliding into the phone while driving, driver rating seems to be based in time that you are assigned based on performance. And in multiplayer we also get the Split Screen mode for two players, which is also a special among the best racing simulators. The online feature of Gran Turismo sport is not only limited to having you completed also wants you to share with your friends to the tag there is a gallery to showcase your content a timeline of activities sorry friend circle send several different thing that can be shared like replays and many more. You can access these functions on the official website or use the companions app on your smartphone for the same.


Tracks are one of the important factor to decide whether a sim game is good. To create such good experience GT Sports features 17 different location in the system. And around the 40 different layouts in the total.

Name of all the tracks- Alsace (2)

1. Alsace – Village 2. Alsace – Village II

Autodrome Lago Maggiore (2)

1. Autodrome Lago Maggiore – GP 2. Autodrome Lago Maggiore – GP II

Autódromo De Interlagos (1) 1. Autódromo De Interlagos

Blue Moon Bay (2)

1. Blue Moon Bay Speedway 2. Blue Moon Bay Speedway II

Brands Hatch (2)

1. Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit

2. Brands Hatch Indy Circuit Broad Bean Raceway (2)

1. Broad Bean Raceway

2. Broad Bean Raceway II

Colorado Springs (2)

1. Colorado Springs – Lake

2. Colorado Springs – Lake II Dragon Tail (2)

1. Dragon Trail – Seaside

2. Dragon Trail – Seaside II

Fishermans Ranch (2)

1. Fishermans Ranch

2. Fishermans Ranch II





Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit (1)

1. Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit

Northern Isle Speedway (2) 1. Northern Isle Speedway

2. Northern Isle Speedway – Infield Nürburgring (4)

1. Nürburgring 24H

2. Nürburgring GP

3. Nürburgring Nordschleife 4. Nürburgring Nordschleife

Tourist Layout Sardegna (2) 1. Sardegna – Windmills

2. Sardegna – Windmills II

Suzuka (2)

1. Suzuka Circuit 2. Suzuka Circuit East Course

Tokyo Expressway (4)

1. Tokyo Expressway – Central Inner Loop

2. Tokyo Expressway – Central Outer Loop

3. Tokyo Expressway – East Inner Loop

4. Tokyo Expressway – East Outer Loop Willow Springs

International Raceway (5)

1. Willow Springs International Raceway: Big Willow

2. Willow Springs International Raceway: Horse Thief Mile

3. Willow Springs International Raceway: Horse Thief Mile II

4. Willow Springs International Raceway: Streets of Willow Springs

5. Willow Springs International Raceway: Streets of Willow Springs II


We will talk about the cars appearing in Grand Turismo sports. There are around 150 cars in Gran Turismo sport, that can be divided into a number of different classes first on the list is a group and class which consists of stock production cars according to the maximum horsepower of the individual. This includes entry level racing cars like Mustang group voltage group and nsx group. Jaguar F type vs Toyota ft1 vision category of the cars in Gran Turismo is the group 1 class these are the cars which are typically called prototypes in the real world of racing the body dead achieve a low resistance and high downforce Audi R8 12: master LM 55. There are also rally cars in group B for Horse Race racing in Gran Turismo sport this includes cars like Ford focus Subaru wrx Lancer Evolution. Ford Mustang and last but not the least in any simulator there is a class of cars that do not fit into any of the above in a class called group X it have cars like Mercedes AMG vision chaparral vision Bugatti vision and SRT tomahawk vision, with a lot of car customisation options available in Gran Turismo sport from changing your tire, suspension, aerodynamics, transmission, engine and not know it’s not possible in Gran Turismo sport.


We all know the Grand Turismo series is always been the best, in terms of gameplay and graphics. More than that we get the Split screen mode for multiple players. And now replays can be done and can be downloaded, and can be share with friends. There is no major con in GT sport. But if compared to other racing sim, GT Sport have less number of cars. And the dynamic weather which doesn’t change as a day and night cycle. But user can choose it before the race begins.


GRAND TURISMO is one the best racing simulators in the world. And always get appreciation for its great and realistic handling of the cars. But in some areas Forza Motorsport 7 is better than GT Sport. And its not a bad idea to but GT Sport if you are fan of the Grand Turismo game series.

RATINGS:- 8/10


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