Grand Blue Episode 2 Review: “Underwater”

Summer anime season kicked off in July with some mind-blowing anime and some are continuing from Spring Season. Grand Blue Anime is one the new anime in Summer Season 2018. Its two episodes have been already aired and both are filled with too much fun along with a slow progression of the main story.

Grand Blue Episode 2 Review

Grand Blue Episode 2 Review

Grand Blue Episode 2 Plot

Iori spent three days in his uncle’s driving school without knowing about his room because of late night drinking parties. He decides to stay in his room on the fourth day but Peek Boo members decide to go to the late night party with girls from  Oumi Women’s College. Iori forgets everything and starts begging Nanaka to give him permission to spend one more night out. But she already made her mind to make him stay in his room for once. Along with Shinji and Ryujiro, he unpacks his luggage and decorates his room with a poster of sexy girls to feel Nanaka that he is an adult now. But he fails to impress her.

Grand Blue Episode 2 Review

Then Shinji, Ryujiro, and Kohei advice him to make his room filled with Chisa’s poster as Nanaka like her so she will give him permission. Once again their plan gets spoiled. After getting fail to impress her and irritating Chisa, he spent his night in a small room. On the next day, his naked senpai i.e. Shinji and Ryujiro try to get Lori to used underwater at a local pool to prepare him from Deep Diving.

After some moments, Chisa also arrives their and sees Iori naked while doing practice and again give him some lesson of being disciplined in front of a girl.

Grand Blue Episode 2

After all the funny incidents, Nanaka takes Lori to an aquarium late night on Chisa’s request to motivate him for diving. At the end of the episode, Iori gives a cute pendant to Chisa to express gratitude.

Grand Blue Episode 2  Moments

Grand Blue Episode 2

2nd Episodes continues the madness and fun from the 1st episode, especially in the first half. Naked guys, a lot of drinking every night are also a highlight of the episode. They tried to decorate Iori’s room to help him to get permission from Nanaka for another night out both time they get a rejection. It was too much fun.

Anime is slowly progressing its centre of the story by mixing with a newbie’s daily interactions with naked seniors and his cousin. After 1st half, we finally had the story going where Shinji and Ryujiro take Iori to a local pool to make him familiar with water but this also add some funny moment when he saw Kohei stripped naked inside water while training and then his naked interaction with Chisa. Everyone’s characteristics in Grand Blue are built in a way that they don’t want to take anything seriously and all are fun loving.

Grand Blue Episode 2

At edn, Iori gets serious when he went to the aquarium with Nanaka where he thought about studying the magical creatures of the sea aka fish like Chisa does. It’s only a start, but I think he will become passionate about diving very soon.

It was too much fun that I ever had in an anime. Grand Blue takes a very different approach for a sports anime. Now, I am eagerly waiting for the next episode.

See you next with Grand Blue Episode 3.

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