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Grand Theft Auto V discount, buy online for just $15.99

Action-adventure based games always pump up the adrenaline rush by offering you an intense and thrilling gameplay. While talking about the action-adventure games and not mentioning about GTA V series is a serious offence. If you want to purchase GTA V and looking for some discount on the same, you can get this game in Drakemoon Good Cop Bad Cop Case, which includes two action based games Grand Theft Auto V and Brutal Legend. Both of these games have received huge accolades and positive reviews from the game critics and major publications. Both of these games deliver a different set of environment for gamers as GTA V offers you the modern city-based action while the Brutual legend covers the fantasy world of demons and overlord.

In our opinion, Drakemoon has done a wonderful job in assorting this case, while packing the modern day action with fantasy based action. We have covered more details below on both of these games. In this case, you can get GTA V or Brutal Legend for $15.99 only. In addition to it, you will also get 1599 moonwars gems

Grand Theft Auto V discount


GTA V Online Buy LinkDrakemoon


Grand Theft Auto V ( Steam – $29.99 )

GTA V is most popular action-adventure masterpiece game by Rockstar Games. According to the worldwide editors, this game is a living world where you can expect anything at any time. Greed, Corruption, hypocrisy and the abuse of the power by characters in the game makes everyone feel like the real world.

It follows the story of a retired con man leaving in his Vinewood mansion with family, Franklin a young street hustler and Trevor a terrifying psychopath. Due to some past incident related to a bank heist and their issues with government, the criminal underworld, three of them find themselves in a serious position. To survive in Los Santos, they pull off some serious heists under the influence of government agency. The story becomes more complicated for them where they can’t trust anybody in the city even each other.

Grand Theft Auto V discount

GTA V pc mode also includes Grand Theft Auto Online feature where 30 players can jump into the big San Andreas map simultaneously along with two spectators. Its been 3 years since the launch of GTA Online and it is still fresh because of unlimited fun, heists, stunt races, challenges in the game which are more entertaining while playing with friends.

Brutal Legend ( Steam – $14.99 )

Brutal Legend is a heavy metal action game set in a universe between Lord of the Rings and Spinal Tap. It’s a great musical adventure where demons and overlords are trying to enslave humanity and heavy metal tunes.

It follows the story of heavy metal roadie Eddie Riggs ( Jack Black ) a great comedian, actor and musician who hurled back in the course of the classical age of Metal when the world was ruled by the power of Rock. He boards on an epic destruction adventure with a broadaxe, a guitar and a big block v8.

Grand Theft Auto V discount

He leads humanity in an epic war against demons and overlords who are trying to enslave the human world and ruling over it. An army of headbangers, hotrods, minions and the undead is with him on this fierce journey which can annihilate anybody on Eddie’s snap of a finger. Eddie’s guitar is so devastating that it can melt the face of enemies, crush the enemy’s skulls in close combat and commands army to take action.

In its 4v4 online mode, you can direct armies in a Battle Of Bands as a leader to slay your friends and foes where survival is only key to win.

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