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GTA Online : The Doomsday Heist live now with all new Jetpack , Orbital Cannon and more

GTA Online’ s biggest expansion “The Doomsday Heist” is live now.  It includes a long multiplayer co-op mission to save the city. The game also features jetpacks, flying cars and the underwater floating cars, artillery and many more.

How to start the mission:

For starting the mission you need to buy a Facility from one of the 9 facilities added to the Map. In the facility, you can customize clubhouses and CEO offices. There is also a security room where a gun locker is available and live-in on-demand strike team should you need them.

You will need these facilities because they have high-tech rooms which allow you to plan The Doomsday set-up missions. The Doomsday heist is split into three acts which last very long. The first act of the mission is fully online which means other players can help you in the mission. Each act requires some resources and full preparations and requires help from other players.You can have up to 8 players for help in preparing the missions. The later stages’ missions will involve the only 2-4 player in heist team.

GTA Online: new Doomsday Heist vehicles:
  • Deluxo (flying car) – $3,550,000 – $4,721,500
  • Thurster (jetpack) – $2,750,000 – 3,657,500
  • TM-02 Khanj (tank with optional railgun) – $2,895,000 – $3,850,350
  • RCV (armoured truck) – $2,350,000 – $3,125,500
  • Akula (stealth helicopter) – $2,785,000 – $3,704,050
  • Barrage (armoured off-road) – $1,595,000 – $2,121,350
  • Chernobog (mobile missile launcher) – $2,490,000 – $3,311,700
  • Volatol (stealth bomber) – $2,800,000 – $3,724,000
  • Stromberg (submersible car) – $2,395,000 – $3,185,350
  • Pfister Comet Safari – $710,000
  • Ubermacht SC1 – $1,603,000
  • Declasse Yosemite – $485,000
  • Vapid Riata – $380,000
  • Ocelot Pariah – $1,420,00
Orbital Cannon Strike:

A very interesting attack or weapon is added in the DLC is Orbital Cannon Strike. You can attack other players by Orbital Strike. You’ll need the facility in order to launch the strike because the facility has a room with Orbital Cannon. For manually attack the other player , it will cost you $500,00 and for the auto target, it will cost $750,000.  You can only use the Orbital Cannon once every in-game day. You can also order to the Tactical Strike Team of NPCs for assaulting.A new radio station is also added to the game, called Blonded. The DLC contains more features.

This DLC is the first ever heist based DLC after 2013 and also a big one in the game and it’s free.

Credits: Rockstar games

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