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Guy Ritchie’s Aladdin Will Focus On In-depth Character Development

Guy Ritchie’s remake of Aladdin to be more carved out!!

Disney’s Aladdin was one of the best animation which gave us incredible time during our childhood and Genie was the character that made us laugh out loud. Robbie Williams, the voice behind Genie that made him so memorable.


Now Disney is trying to create that magic again but on the bigger screen with Guy Ritchie at the helm. Guy Ritchie is known for movies like Sherlock Holmes & Snatch. He is the one director who has the stronghold over the visual representation of the film. In his recent discussion with leading magazine, he said that he is not only focusing on the in-depth elaborate explanation of the story but the character also. It is one of the Disney’s most significant production this year which is remaking of classic animated properties.

Earlier, the movie has been in the news for many controversial reasons, one of that is white-washing of the ethnic characters. However, Disney handled it somewhat in a decent way as cast includes Naomi Scott of Indian origin as Jasmine and Mena Massoud of middle east origin as Aladdin.








Nevar Negahban who will portray the role of Jasmine’s father, in an interview with Screenrant threw some light over the movie and what we should expect from the live-action version of Aladdin:

“Guy's point of view goes deeper. One of the things he wanted to do and he was very, very cautious 
about it and he was emphasizing on that he wants to be very respectful of the characters. He’s very, 
very cautious. He wants to show the depth of each of these characters and the film itself will be a film 
that no matter how old you are, you’re going to enjoy it. It’s a fantastic team. Beautiful, beautiful team. 
I mean, you will see the costumes. Gorgeous! Unbelievable!”


With an experienced director like Guy at the helm of the Disney’s most loved animated series, fans should take a sigh of relief. He is the one guy who knows how to create magic on the screen as throughout his career he has filled the screen with most spectacular cinematography. We are thrilled and also ready to see the portrayal of Genie by one of the most charming and versatile actors Will Smith.


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