“Haq Se” is a web series directed by Ken Ghosh showcasing on AltBalaji based on a novel “LITTLE WOMAN” by Louisa May Alcott. A beautifully shot series with outstanding performances which are fusioned with Drama, love, support and beauty of relationships followed by the sweetly spoken traditional language i.e. Urdu. Haq Se stars Parul Gulati, Surveen Chawla, Rajeev Khandelwal, Aanchal Sharma, Nikessha Rangwala, Rukshar Rehman, Simone Singh, Parul Gulati, Karanvir Sharma and Ravi Khemu. Also it’s a first web series streaming on AltBalaji.

Haq Se
The story till the previous episodes whirled around four Kashmiri sisters, each one being different from the other. While the series illustrated the issue of society and how women are always determined and entombed, it also put limelight on the independent and broad mentality of today’s woman. As despite being surrounded with narrow minded people they opt to choose their choices unaware and fearless of the outcomes.

The initials of the new episode showcase a family that’s torn not only because of external strife but also matters of the heart. As the accidental coincidences happens they develop a new relation between Raghu and Jannat but the bond between the two sisters seems to break apart as Amal try to seduce Raghu and when caught, piles the blame on Raghu. Everybody is being trolled down by fear, jealousy and complications of life. To take revenge on Jannat, Amal even burns her book. The series gets more tensed when they get to know that their father and his team is missing in a snowstorm and nobody gets any idea of where and how to find him. As the episodes drew closer it portrayed the beginning of holy Ramzan with everything good and pure that comes with it. The celebration goes on with full fun and frolic and the Mirzas gather with their friends and family for a grand Iftar. Fatima realises and embraces a new definition of love with her beloved professor as they announce their wedding date for Eid. Mehar develops new feelings for Dr. Naushad Rizvi. But Tabish and Jannat’s friendship fall apart as Tabish hits Raghu when he gets to know that he is committed with Jannat. The events at the Iftar gathering have left many with a bruised heart. Mehar and Naushad discover each other and open their hearts as being good friends but Mehar’s past wounds get teased by the entry of her EX, Irfan who comes out to be Naushad’s brother-in-law and rapes her forcefully by threatening her for revealing their truth to Naushad. Jannat tries to sort out the unfortunate aftermath of the Iftar party as she cares deeply for her sister Amal but at the same time, doesn’t want to lose Raghu. Both finds their different paths as Raghu wasn’t interested in staying Kashmir and Jannat doesn’t want to leave the Kashmir. The more Mehar tries to run away from her past the more it catches up with her, leaving her straight to hell scared forever.

Haq se

Bruised and hurt, Mehar is shattered completely. Her sisters try to be the much-needed pillars of support. But Jannat is not ready to back down; she takes the matter in her own hand and beat the hell out of Irfan. Naushad is hurt to see Mehar blatantly lie to him, as she doesn’t want to hurt him. Lying seemed to be the only way to keep the things normal for Mirza sister but Fatima tries to know the silence behind four sisters. Tabish finally confesses his love to Jannat but gets an unexpected answer from her. Many words remained unsaid as some shocking allegations captivate the guests at Fatima’s wedding. As the turmoil in Kashmir rises the dreams of Mirza sisters get caught up in the storm giving shocking news of untimely death of Bahira In the riot. As she and Amal held their dreams close to their heart and decides to run away and the latter ends up reaching Mumbai. So this beautiful series end where it begun from with a voice over, Once upon a time there was life, full of dreams and desires. Now there is only trace of what used to be. The beautiful valley and giant mountains hide within the deep sorrows of its people and it resides firmly in the hearts of Mirzas. This is a real Kashmir.

Haq Se
The twists and turns were little disturbing but they were meant to as it’s based on a true story but on the whole Haq Se is a nice series to be watches to know the profound Kashmir.

Rating-4/5 stars