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HAQ SE Review & Details- A promised & heart touching story of Kashmir.

“Haq Se” is an ongoing web series directed by Ken Ghosh showcasing on Alt Balaji based on a novel “LITTLE WOMAN” by Louisa May Alcott. A beautifully shot series with outstanding performances, fusioned with Drama, love, support and beauty of relationships followed by the sweetly spoken tradition language i.e Urdu.

The story whirls around four Kashmiri sisters, each one being different from the other. We get to know that their father , being a doctor in the army, is away for a long time in Siachin. The leading lady Surveen Chawla plays the role of Meher, eldest of the four Jannat, Bano and Amal Mirza, following the foot steps of her father by being a doctor(paediatrician). Jannat(parul) is a journalist little short tempered but always fuelled up for writing provocative blogs in-respect to the differences against caste and class. Bano (Anchal kumar) and Amal (Nikkesha Rangwala) are the younger ones. While the former is a quiet musician and singer and the latter is the sheer radical. The four feel cornered in the ceaseless cycle of violence in the state and are upset for being deprived of a normal life experienced by others in the country. Rajeev Khandelwal as Naushad Rizvi, whose wife eloped with someone else leaving his conduct seeming arrogant and stern. He likes Meher and is her senior doctor too. He was an irreplaceable actor for the look of a ‘sexy rigid man’ role. Tabish (pavail), the only man in the women’s family. He falls for jannat, who is unacquainted to his feelings, on the contrary, Bano feels fondness of him in secret.

While the series illustrates the issue of society and how women are always determined and entombed, it also put limelight on the independent and broad mentality of today’s woman. So the bombastic beginning shows that for Fatima (meher’s khala) being labelled as a whore for having an affair with an already married man or Bano called unreligious for practicing music, we have Meher as she is blunt enough to fight against Naushad’s unjustified presumptions or Amal who undreadfully uses her charm and hotness to gain favours, and also Jannat, who is self-assured that she can bring transformation in the world.

If we give voice to performances, the girls justified their roles flawlessly. Meher showcases her maturity as an experienced artist with her free will to fly but bound by society’s restrictions and her responsibilities. Fatima especially, grabs the eyes as she displays the struggle of a woman torn between her love and protecting her family’s honour. We liked the fact that girls were shown breaking the stereotypes by partying out with men, having liquour and wearing short dresses and working hard to make a living.

HAQ SE Review & Details

Followed by further twists, when Meher call on Dr. Rizvi for her interview in his child hospital, he deliberately makes her name called in the end despite the list being set alphabetically and asks her to revisit on which Meher reacts and calls him judgemental. Whereas Amal asks one of his photographer friend to conduct her sexy photoshoot and to deliver pictures at her place, which were later received by Jannat and then the things get discussed in the family and mother disallows Amal to step out of the home and rather prepare for her boards followed by trashing all the photos to which Amal gets upset. While the next episodes portrays that Salman , khala’s beloved gets know about the blog written against him and proves him as a traitor, so he warns Fatima to have hold on jannat otherwise she has to pay for her deeds. Mean while Meher’s first attempt in a serious hospital matter didn’t go well, so she thought Dr. Rizvi would fire her but he somehow decides to gave her a chance by asking to be careful for the next time. Now, when Tapish asks Bano to perform on his birthday they also end up putting a name to her band i.e ‘JASHN’ and he also captures a video of hers and upload on on youtube which goes viral shortly, creating her fan following. The inquisitiveness fades in no time as Jannat read offensive comments on her video but before she could take any action, she gets to know that a TV Channel wants to interview her sister Bano’s band named Jashn. When the interview goes well, they arrange a charity concert for Bano to sing live and they poster light the town, inviting the audience to pay as much they wish to. As the concert initiates, hater got on and start stoning, out of fear she finds herself running in the woods and coming out near a check post where an army officer doubtfully ask her to surrender but on time Jannat and Tabish comes to rescue her from the tensed situation. The twists builds here is Jannat and Tabish decides to head Delhi to meet Salman who is the Deputy Commissioner there and beloved of khala, but her efforts go in vain as he denies to help them being rude and revengeful and also he asks Fatima to chose either of them i.e her family or salman. When jannat reaches home she gets astonished to see Fatima at her place and she assures to support their family and stand by them in the all their ups and downs after knowing the bitter truth of Salman’s conduct. Dr. Rizvi offers his best of help to Meher for his sister Bano to continue her music practice. Out of childishness Amal reveals the true identity of her sister Jannat for being a journalist, causing Jannat to reveal her true identity in front of media with the support of Fatima. Lots of twist, well shared bonds and a story of togetherness till now we witnessed.

We do anticipate lots of drama and in the forthcoming episodes, as the sisters face the outcomes of their choices and their fantasy to dream. Also some intense romance and a lot of captivation awaited.

You can watch all the episodes with an Alt Balaji App or directly access all the episodes from the website

Rating – 4/5 stars

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