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‘Hawkeye’ Solo Movie Under Consideration and Here Are The Details

A new rumour mail has arrived regarding the already behemoth Marvel Universe and this one might put a smile on your face. The rumour is that Marvel Studios is planning for a Hawkeye solo movie, however, do not expect the film to be released until the year 2022. The news comes out as a bit of a shock because Marvel never had a plans to focus on Hawkeye and the character always remained in shadows of big superheroes. Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye was introduced in solo Thor movie in 2011 and from that point, the character has appeared in three films that include two Avengers and Captain America Civil War. In all these movies Hawkeye was always portrayed as a supporting character and was never able to grab the attention of the audience as compared to other superheroes.

However, all this was changed when the character went missing from the most significant crossover event in the superhero movies history. His absence from the most crucial moment in the Marvel universe made fans more curious, and Hawkeye was able to garner the good amount of attention even without appearing in the movie. Marvel president Kevin Feige also suggested that Hawkeye not being in the Avengers Infinity War has done well for the character as he said “There are big, big story things coming up for Hawkeye,” he promised back in April, “and Jeremy Renner is as strong an actor as anyone in the MCU and awesome as this character.

hawkeye solo movie kate bishop

With phase 3 of MCU coming to an end the decision of concentrating on new solo movies for established superheroes looks like a good plan. However, the primary challenge in front of Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios is of keeping it all fresh. As by the end of phase 3, we would have seen almost 21 movies, and there is a fear that so many movies around superheroes can ultimately kill the genre itself. So, for Hawkeye solo movie a lot depends on the story they pick up and how they develop it keeping every aspect in mind. As per MCUCosmic, the Marvel may choose to bring in different incarnation of the favourite character on the screen.

Hence, the next question that pops up in everyone’s mind is that, which incarnation studio will go ahead with? There is a high possibility of getting Ronin who is the alter ego of Clint Barton which he takes on after the death of his family in the Ultimate Universe. As per the set photos of Avengers 4 and concept art, we may get to see Ronin in action presumably meaning that his family also became the victim of Thanos’ snap of fingers. Another incarnation of Hawkeye is equally exciting where Clint Barton will team up with Kate Bishop. In comics, Kate Bishop is the member of Young Avengers who becomes a good friend with Hawkeye and a perfect ally.


hawkeye solo movie kate bishop

Alongside this Marvel is working on the solo Black Widow movie that will focus on the origin story and there is a slight possibility of young Hawkeye making an appearance. However, if Kate Bishop is introduced in the Hawkeye movie, there is a high possibility that she may become an essential member of all female-oriented superhero movie.

We hope that soon we get confirmation on the project and we are waiting to see him in action and are ready to wait till the year 2022. What are your views on Hawkeye solo movie? Do lets us know in the comments below.

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