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HBO Confirms Game of Thrones Last Season Arrives in 2019

HBO Confirms Lonely Nights Without Game of Thrones Till 2019!!

Winter finally arrived in Game of Thrones in its last season for which we waited almost seven years. However, we still don’t know how profoundly it will affect all our favorite characters. We only know that winter here is giving us chills and it’s not same without Game of Thrones. We have been listening rumors for too long about the final season but had no reliable information till now.

HBO recently in their press release acted quite aloof and announced regarding last season of Game of Thrones. As HBO said, “Your readers may be interested to know,” and gave a confirmation that last season will arrive in 2019. So, it proves that the earlier information provided by Sophie Turner was correct when she accidentally spilled the beans regarding the release date of the final season. We will have dark and cold nights until Game of Thrones arrives in 2019.

Providing more information HBO added that David Benioff & D.B. Weiss, David Nutter, and Miguel Sapochnik would direct the episodes in the new season The script is written by Benioff & Weiss, Bryan Cogman and Dave Hill which is pretty much similar to the earlier seasons. We hope and wish that each episode in last season should be much longer as they are making us wait for this long. At least this much they can do for their vast fan base.

Also, there was a news doing rounds over the internet that script of three significant episodes was leaked but after going through that it felt completely fake. However, we earnestly request who so ever is trying to leak anything about the series, please don’t do it as it takes away all the thrill, excitement and years of effort of the cast down the drain.

Other than this those who still want to watch some of the epic series in the year 2018 HBO has covered them all as it will release season 2 of highly anticipated WestWorld and DC comics based Watchmen. Both of the shows will surely make 2018 engrossing.

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