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Hear Me Love Me, Amazon Prime Video Original Series launched today

Amazon Prime Video India has launched its next original series “Hear Me, Love Me” at New Delhi today. The show has been launched by renown actress, Shilpa Shetty Kundra and Vijay Subramaniam, Director & Head, Content, Amazon Prime Video India

The show has taken a new approach towards the virtual dating concept. Shilpa Shetty Kundra will mentor the show as she guides the contestants through this modern day romance

The show concept is based on popular TLC series, Hear Me, Love Me, See Me, in which three male contestants will wear a camera on their chest and go on date with the girl participant who will judge them from the comfort of her couch. Through this course of analysis of behaviour, personality and lifestyle, the male contestant will try to charm the female participant in order to win her heart.

In the period of one day, the female participant will meet three single men, who will be live streaming and can take part in a two-way conversation with the female participant. She will get to see every activity of these three men but no one can see what the other person looks like.

As the day will conclude, the female participant has to decide which man has won her heart. Once she makes her final decision, she will get to see all the three men face to face and also revealing the man she chose.

Hear Me Love Me Amazon Prime Video India

The couple will then go for a date and see whether they feel truly connected to each other or not. The show puts the rules of attraction to the ultimate test, as we know looks are not everything when it comes to dating

The show will host a total of 9 female participants who are willing to blindly search for their love. In addition to it, there is one special episode, which will feature one male celebrity who tries to find his love on this show.

Hear Me Love Me has a total of 10 episodes which can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video App or can be accessed through Amazon Prime Video India website online from 28th September 2018. But for now, you can watch its trailer shared below

Hear Me Love Me Trailer – Amazon Prime Video India Original 

The show has been produced by Fremantle India and Aradhana Bhola, MD of Fremantle India has stated that” Hear Me. Love Me is the ultimate new age fun experiment in figuring whether looks are everything when it comes to dating. It is a roller coaster ride filled with romance, adventure, humour and surprises, the show is a real window into the mindset and emotions of the youth today


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