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Hearthstone Cloneball Tavern Brawl Guide

Hearthstone Tavern Brawl

Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is one of the light game modes in Hearthstone in which a new Tavern Brawl begins every Wednesday. It ends on the following Monday. In this mode, each Tavern Brawl has a limited time chance to face to face opponents in special matches with their own unique rules. The player can use special-pre made decks, can add random cars and use mana. For more info about the mode, you can visit here.

Hearthstone Cloneball Tavern Brawl Guide

So this week’s Tavern Brawl is ” Cloneball”. After choosing a class you will get a deck of random legendaries with four copies of each. The legendaries will be neutral or can match hero’s class. You’ll also get some offensive play spells to lower the cost of a legendary minion of your next turn. All the copies in the deck and hand will have the same cost and you’ll able to build up powerful minions before their allowance. As there are no standard rules in the mode, you can see powerful minions from the past expansions.

Hearthstone Cloneball Tavern Brawl Guide

Hearthstone Cloneball Tavern Brawl Guide

If your Opponent has unlimited Yseras and you have four copies of Legendary Lorewalker Cho.  If the opponent player Barnes by picking Y’shaarj and then again played Barnes. If you have still pixie dust left m then you can use it.

If you are not so good in Hearthstone and haven’t spent much time in the game., then you can play with the game’s powerful cards if you don’t see The Darkness, Mayor Noggenfogger, The Boogeymonster, Gruulor any of the princess.

These should be the Legendary minions in your deck to win the game easily.

  • Baron Geddon –  It can summon a minion that can deal with two damage in every turn.
  • Emperor Thaurissan- It can lower the cost of minions in your hands
  • Ragnaros- Do eight damage every turn.
  • The Curator- It doesn’t take any cost.
  • Aviana-   It makes the coast of Every minion to one mana.
  • Rend Blackhand –  It can Kills any Legendary minion.
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