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Hearthstone Fire Festival Guide- Earn Double Gold From Quests


After a successful debut edition, Hearthstone Fire Festival is live second time with more burning rounds gifts. Ragnaros the Firelord announced the beginning of his favourite festival in his trademark thunderous roar of flames .“I, RAGNAROS THE FIRELORD, TRIUMPHANTLY RETURN TO PURGE BOREDOM FROM YOUR PATHETIC LIVES WITH THE MIDSUMMER FIRE FESTIVAL.”

Hearthstone Fire Festival Guide

Hearthstone Fire Festival

The idea of Hearthstone Fire Festival come directly from the lore of the World Of Warcraft where it celebrates Fire Festival from late June to July. In World Of Warcraft Fire Festival, bonfires, tents and ribbon poles are set up around Azeroth. During the event, players steal bonfires from enemy capital cities and perform various tasks.

Hearthstone Fire Festival

A special fire themed Tavern Brawl is available, and you can earn a new explosive Fire Festival themed emote. There is “no special guest ” in the festival so Mini-Ragnoras might make their appearance. Quests will reward you double gold and you can also upgrade your own “Wow” emote with fireworks.

Last year, the Midsummer Fire Festival was followed by the Frost Festival of Ahune. So, we can see the return of that event as well.

Ragnoras promises it to be the “hottest party of the summer season”. Hearthstone Fire Festival is live now and will last until 30th July.So, make sure to get most out of this sparky event by keeping your all quest updated. Each quest is giving double gold with access to more cards pack or Arena run. Don’t waste your time on the quests from Toki’s Arena adventures as they are not offering double gold.

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