Get you “janky even-only decks” ready for the action because after a month of hype, Hearthstone’s latest expansion “Hearthstone Witchwood” is now live. Blizzard has released the expansion except for China. It will arrive several hours late at around 6 pm ET.

Hearthstone Witchwood Details

The expansion will have 135 Witchwood cards which will available in the game. They can be crafted through the Collection in-game. In the pre-order set of the expansion, you will have 70 packs which can be earned from quests during the packed events. Even if you don’t pay money for packs, you can earn three free Witchwood packs and a randomly legendary by just logging.

Depending on your attitude to the wild, you can be able to generate a lot of dust.A lot of cards won’t be available for Standard play in the game anymore so you can dust those to make ones from the new set.

Hearthstone Monster Hunt

The set being live means the arrival of Hearthstone’s challenging single player mode called Monster Hunt. In this PvE, mode player will be assigned as the role of monster hunter to clear the forests from the darkness. The player will play against the computer control bosses and defeat them and collect their bounties to build a deck which will keep them alive. Players will alive until their hunter don’t fall if hunter died players will have to begin a new hunt with a new deck. In the monster hunt, player will pick one of four classes to play against bosses and once all four are complete, the classes combine to fight Hagatha in the conclusion. Monster Hunt will April 26.

Don’t forget that logging into the game to grab your free three card packs and a random Class legendary from the expansion.