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Hellboy Reboot: David Harbour Finishes Shooting

Stranger Things actor David Harbour has finished shooting for Hellboy reboot titled ‘Hellboy’ and the film is on track for its January 2019 release date. The Dark Horse comic character is getting a reboot after talks for a third film couldn’t materialize as director Guillermo del Toro said the film couldn’t find financial backing and the concerned parties decided to reboot the series instead.

The previous 2 films starring Ron Perlman as the horned demon received highly positive reviews from the critics as well as the audiences alike with everyone praising the dark universe the films took place as well as the characters and themes dealing with good, evil, life, death, and rebirth. There was a huge backlash when the news came the series would be rebooted and neither del Toro nor Perlman would be involved.

After the news came that David Harbour, the no-nonsense cop from Netflix smash Stranger Things would be taking over the role of the titular character, fans were still apprehensive as Ron Perlman really made the role his own. David Harbour had huge shoes to fill and after the release of the first look of the film, the reaction was positive and everyone is now eagerly awaiting the reboot.

Harbour has stated that he has filmed his role and now the film is in post-production and to anyone who is even remotely aware of the Hellboy world, the film is going to be full of colors, visual effects and unique characters. Neil Marshall is taking over as the director and he’s known for directing episodes of cult shows like Game Of Thrones, Hannibal, and Constantine.

Unlike the previous 2 films, the reboot would be rated ‘R’, creator Mike Mignola has confirmed. Also joining the cast would be talented actors like Milla Jovovich, Ian McShane, and Sasha Lane. The fans and the audiences finally have something worthwhile to look forward to and it remains to be seen how everyone receives Sherrif Hopper’s well-meaning half-demon character.


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