Large Short Films has tried to enlighten us with its new short film ‘Her First Time‘ directed by Divya Unny. The film tackles the taboo around menstruation in a lovely way. As we know women are the ones who have always played a significant role in changing the world and maintaining the balance. A mother who nurtures a life inside her womb and one day brings that life into the world. She teaches him/her to be a good human being who ultimately contributes to the development.

Even after doing all this, a woman is never treated equally throughout the world and in most parts, she is treated as a tool to give birth. And it feels heavy to say that India is also one of those countries which ill-treat women. Yes, I know we have progressed but still, the fickle thinking of our society always makes us bow our head in shame. There are many taboos attached to a woman in our community and one of them is menstruation. It is still treated as a disease and most of the girls have to suffer from it. So, lets deep dive into the story and see how the director has handled it.


What’s the story of Her First Time?

The story of Her First Time revolves around a girl who is experiencing periods for the first time. But as her mother is not around to help her through this, she is left with her father who likes another woman doesn’t know much about it. Both father & daughter try to contact mother but being an obstetrician she is busy in her work of handling childbirth. However, she always knew this kind of situation would arrive so she has put together a help kit to take care of her daughter.

A doctor conducts an operation where one mother is delivering the baby and going all sorts of pain to bring life into this world. This 8-minute story beautifully captures all the aspects of a female from the beginning when she is a girl and experiencing her first period, then a mother who is about to give birth and finally the one who helps her daughter to embrace the power of menstruation that transforms a girl into a woman. A woman is independent and can be whatever she wants to be, a doctor or an astronaut. Her First Time makes you ponder over the facts shown near the end and asks all of us to be more open-minded towards the woman, who runs the world.

What makes Her First Time worth the watch?

Divya Unny has beautifully captured all the aspects and weaved a seamless story. She is able to enlighten you in just 8-minutes and makes you feel the importance of a woman in your life. This movie is a perfect Mother’s Day gift and thanks to all the woman around the world. The direction by Divya Unny is superb which is coupled with spectacular acting by Veena Nair, Satyajit Sharma, and Vedika Nanwani. The soothing background score wins over your heart and blends in nicely with the heart touching story.

What makes Her First Time Blahh?
It’s a flawless movie and deserves all the love you can shower upon it. I wish it could have been little longer.

You can watch the movie below –