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How to hide Instagram post from home page

Facebook-owned Instagram is one the most popular social media platform, which is the medium where people post their snaps and videos. Instagram allows user to use a lot of features, one of them, that we are about to discuss, is archive of post, or to hide the Instagram post. This feature can be used if you want to hide the Instagram post from the home feed, here we will explain how to hide Instagram post, without even deleting the post. So, here

How to hide Instagram post

STEP 1 ―

The very step is to open the Instagram application and select the video or the photo you want to hide or archive. Tap on the post and select the more option or the three dot icon, which you can find at the top right corner of the post.

hide Instagram post

STEP 2 –

After selecting the three dot icon, you will be given a number of options. From the options select Archive option. After which your video or photo will hide from your Instagram home feed.

This is the only option by which you can safely hide Instagram post, without deleting them.

STEP 3 –

So, now you know how to hide Instagram post, or how to archive the post. But, if you want to get back your photos back, it can be done easily. For this, select the archive icon, which looks like a clock. It can be found easily at the top right corner, or as shown in the photo below. After this, you need to search for the video of photo that you need to unhide or you want to show it your Instagram home page again. You also need to select the archive option to Posts Archive, to get the list of photos that you archived.

hide Instagram post

STEP 4 –

At last, tap on the Instagram post that you want to unhide. Select the three dot option again, and tap on Show on Profile option. You can also delete the archived Instagram directly.

hide Instagram post

So, this is the procedure for, how to hide Instagram post without deleting and also get them back without reposting it or changing the publish date.

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