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How to Hide the Notch on Any Android Smartphone

Hide the Notch on Any Android Smartphone !!

2017 was the year of 18:9 display unless the Apple released their iPhone X with the Notch. Now it looks every manufacturer is trying to put a Notch on its smartphones. But everybody doesn’t like the Notch. I personally don’t like it. But we cannot do anything with trend. Well, there is an app by XDA Forum Moderator Zacharee1, which puts the Black strip around the status bar and gives a feeling that Notch is disappeared.

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2018 will be the year with Notches for the Android smartphones. Phones such as the LG G7, OnePlus 6, etc are rumored to come with Notches. However, there are already many smartphones with Notches.And if you have one of them and don’t like that Notch here is how you can remove it.

Here are the steps to Hide the Notch on Any Android Smartphone

Step 1:
First, you need to download and install the Nacho Notch App on your smartphone. The App was First spotted by the XDA developers. The app places the black bar around the notch and gives a feeling that it is not there.

Install Nacho Notch for free from the Google Play Store

Step 2 :
Now you have to Add the Nacho Notch to Quick Settings in the navigation bar of your phone.

By default, to make the functionality of the app simple it’s developer Zachary Wander didn’t create an icon for the app. Instead, He developed a quick setting toggle to enable or disable the anti Notch feature.
As the app doesn’t have an icon, therefore, it won’t be seen in your app drawer. So you have to add it manually to the quick settings tools in the notification bar.

To add this, slide down the notification bar fully i.e. slide it two times and on the top right side, you will find an option to edit the icons ( quick settings tools). The icon to edit could be a pencil or something else, So you select that to enter edit mode.

Note: The Edit option may differ for different OEM skins, which sometimes replace this icon with either an “Edit” button or three vertical dots.

Once you are in the edit mode, you will find additional rows of quick setting icons below your active Quick Settings tools. So there find the option title “Hide Notch” and then hold it and drag it up above among your active tiles to activate it.

Now after successful placing, it, tap back arrow ( present on the upper-left corner of your display) (It may differ with different OEM) to return to your Quick Settings menu with the added toggle.

Step 3: Hide Your Notch

So, after finally adding the “Hide Notch” tile in the quick tools of your notification bar. Now slide down the notification bar and look option the option “Hide Notch” you just added. To activate it or to remove the notch on your smartphone just tap it and you will see that it changes to “Show Notch” with white Color.

So that’s all for How to Hide the notch on any Android smartphone without the need of actually installing an app. Now onwards you don’t see or atleast fell that there is a Notch on your smartphone.Enjoy!

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Similar Alternative:

Notch Remover:

This is also another app which turns the status bar to black and gives a feel that Notch is not present on your smartphone. But this app is not like that above app which directly puts an option in your notification bar quick settings tools. In this app, you have to open it to adjust the Notch. However, this app is pretty simple to use it just have to options one to enable the Hide notch and another option is a slider by which you can increase or decrease the length of the black status bar.

Screenshot ImageFor those who don’t have a smartphone with a Notch as this app can turn status bar to the black, you can also use it and experience something different on your smartphone. However, if you are a kind of person would you like to have a notch on your regular smartphone then they are certain apps available in the Play Store to put a Notch on your smartphone.With these apps present in the market, Android users do not need to afraid of the new display trend with a Notch.


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