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Honey, I Joined a Cult Update 0.3.029 Patch Notes

Hello Cult Architects!
We hope you’re enjoying your HIJAC experience so far! We’ve just released a patch to address some issues reported by the community.

Full patch notes are below…

  • Canteen Table durability increased.
  • Tier 1 – 3 Bathroom object durabilities increased.
  • Starving and sleep deprived Cultists will continue to work.

We feel the above changes will help with the reported issues of Maintenance Technicians refusing to work due to starvation resulting in death of Cultists.
We want to address Maintenance Technicians further in a full patch at the end of the month where we will make them home in on broken objects more, rather than relying on them patrolling and stumbling across broken objects.

  • Dirty hands illness chance after eating reduced from 10% to 9%.
  • Sink – Trough dirty hands removal chance increased from 40% to 45%.
  • Sink – Standard dirty hands removal chance increased from 60% to 70%.
  • Sink – Insta-Flow dirty hands removal chance increased from 90% to 95%.
  • Sink – Golden dirty hands removal chance increased from 80% to 85%.
  • Bedroom locker cost reduced from $900 to $400.
  • Leaders Sanctum initial objects cost reduced from $800 to $500.
  • Initial Darkness Divine Inspiration cost reduced from 100 influence to 40 Influence.
  • Recommended minimum room sizes increased.
  • Fixed bug in tutorial where Light Fittings could be placed resulting in the tutorial becoming blocked.
  • Food alert tracker now shows food above 40 on HUD.
  • Ruble cuble prestige increased from 2 to 3 to match other objects in its tier.
  • Divine Inspirations HUD button now shows an exclamation mark when the Leaders Sanctum is first built and Divine Inspirations are available.
  • Fixed the collision box of Holy Room Comfy Stone Pew and Shower – Bucket & String.
  • Fixed follower sidebar menu not displaying pool of revelation XP bar progress.
  • Greatly reduced the amount of Module XP required to complete a module room – Pool of Revelations, Hypno Chamber and Monolith Room.
  • Tutorial mission PR reward reduced from 50 to 20.
  • Outstanding Success mission outcome threshold increased by 8%.

We’ll also be looking to address the below issues in a future patch…

  • Rework to maintenance patrols to ensure items are fixed quicker and maintenance requires less micromanagement.
  • Updated localisation strings to improve language quality generally and to localise certain missed strings.

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