Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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For Honor’s Persisting Issues

Ubisoft’s hack and slash combat style Far Honor was launched earlier this year and the game is suffering from then.Lack of sales and persisting issues are enough to say at-least.

The story of the game is short and sometime it feels like the missions can do really good in multiplayers mode but unfortunately they are not in multiplayer.The Game is good,if you like combat and you will enjoy it but the game lacks were the chombat mechanics comes in,they are good in dueling but sucks with multiple enemies.

The issues with the game are still there even if they solved them,the ranting goes on.One of the biggest issue was when the event gone live for the players and pool prize was big enough to let players jump right in,the bug was right there in front of everyone.

When fighting the opponent if you perform particular abilities at a particular time it will make you block certain attacks or make your attacks faster,this exploit is called ‘Unlock teck’.This is a downright emmbarrassment for the For Honor community.The next issue which was before the update on Dec.15.It includes one of the finishing moves ,i guess.Playing against a Valkriye has a move for its execution called ‘No Touching’.The animation for this was when the other opponent is down on their knees,it will grab Valkriye’s breast to balance andwill shake their head apologetically and removes their hand.This was taken off air in an hour but was kenough to call an outrage.

These server issues still persists and ubisoft is doing everything to fix it.There is a lot to be fixed and these groping actions are enough to change its rating but not for those who already purchaed itand thats a big issue.Ubisoft must look into it to let people have a game which is actually fair.


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