Hori Onyx launched another Ps4 controller which will be added to Sony’s widest range of controllers for its Ps4. This time it’s going to be the biggest change we were hoping for. What we all loved about Xbox is their Controller is coming to the Ps4 controller.

As you can see, the controller has its Left Stick above the D-Pad which is identical to an Xbox Controller. Unfortunately, the Controller doesn’t have a headphone jack or speaker or a light bar.The ‘Options & Share button’ mapping is also different as compared to the original Ps4 controller.  It will work as a third party controller but with the inconveniences. No doubt that’s a pretty good looking controller and if you want to play your ps4 games, Xbox style then it is up for a grab in Europe only (for now).

History tells us that it will be available in India but you have to give premium charges for it to buy it from Amazon just like this one.

The Controller Launched on 15 January 2018.

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