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Hot Wheels on 50th Anniversary debuts at India Auto Expo 2018

One car which every kid has dreamed about and played in their jubilant childhood is definitely the”Hot Wheels”. The idea of Elliot Handler of selling a minuscule model of a muscle car to kids became so popular that these cars are being rejoiced from last seven decades. Cars with protruded chrome-plated wings and stupendous painted graffiti in jazzy colours were artistic toy marvels. It was part of his fanatics to create a toy car enticing than the other toy cars present at that point of time.

In the year of 1968, Mattel introduced miniature peppy & brawny muscle cars having bubble windshields and names like Deora, Beatnik Bandit. The total of 16 cars models was introduced in that year and named as “The Original 16 or Sweet 16”. Mattel co-founder Elliott Handler partnered with a rocket scientist and car designer to forge these magnificent and transcendent lines of toys for ages to come.

Hot Wheels India Auto Expo 2018

Hot Wheels India Auto Expo 2018
Beatnik Bandit

Hot wheels, being one of the most loved brands from the camp of Mattel, the company is celebrating it’s Golden Jubilee with monumental style. On the account of their 50th anniversary, the company is making a grand debut at Auto Expo 2018, which will be held at India Expo Mart Limited (IEM) in Greater Noida from 9th February to 14th February

Get yourself ready to feel the Zip Zap Zoom of the Hot Wheels pavilion, which will be showcasing exclusive Hot Wheels car models in actual sizes rather than their miniature toy models. The showcase will bring the best of the both worlds together fusing the vintage era and modern era, offering respect to it’s 50 years span. Two life size car models will be displayed, one car will have the retro look from the 60’s era and other car will depict the modern artistry & innovation from this era. The booth will also organize Challenge Accepted Selfie Contest and Hot Wheels Photo Stall for their fans and award them with exciting prizes.

Hot Wheels India Auto Expo 2018
Hot Wheels insignia

The retro era car will be Hot Wheels insignia – the red hot flames, this car has a particularly vintage and classic robust look. It’s body has complete black texture and chrome highlights. The car features lip spoiler at the rear end giving it’s aerodynamic look and air dam at the front of the car. The car features a chain design steering wheel in gold yellow color. The car grills has a square comb structure. Car hood has fiery fire graffiti which we particularly see in movies. It’s upholstery has been given perfection with swathed red leather adding more to it’s beauty and comfort

Hot Wheels India Auto Expo 2018

The other car which is depicting the modern era give us the sporty sedan look. The car has two protruding LED fog-lights resting on an arced sheet. It has a snazzy roof and rear spoiler add more to it’s aesthetics. The car body has been painted in the black color and with Skull graffiti on the hood of the car with 68 number imprinted. Doors of the car have prints of leaf design with Hot Wheels written over it.

Celebrating their 50th anniversary, the company has initiated a campaign named Challenge Accepted which imbibes spirits of passion and innovation among the young children. The campaign flourishes Mattel philosophy and beliefs with their tagline Play with purpose by encouraging the kids and demonstrating concepts of physics, aim, angle and speed. Hot Wheels are planning to feature this campaign through the mediums of Television, digital advertising and marketing.


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