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How A Certain Magical Index And A Certain Scientific Railgun Are Connected?

Hello guys !! I hope you are doing well. In today’s post, we will talk about one of the best magic and fantasy based light novels, A Certain Magical Index and its connection to the A Certain Scientific Railgun. I know many of you are familiar with the difference between both the series but few are still confusing what to read or not. In this post, I will clear all the doubt regarding the connection and difference between both the series, Certain Magical Index And A Certain Scientific Railgun.

How A Certain Magical Index And A Certain Scientific Railgun Are Connected?

A Certain Magical Index

A Certain Magical Index is basically the main series which follows the story of Touma Kamijou, an ordinary student who lives in Academy City, a city where everyone is engaged in scientific study of humans with Psychic powers. Every student has a rank according to their magical or psychic powers, but Touma has level 0 because of lack of psychic powers. But he has a superior power “the imagine breaker” to nullify any spell.  The events in the series take some serious turns when he meets a girl who remembers all the forbidden magical grimoires. An evil organisation is all the way behind to obtain her powers.

A Certain Magical Index

On the other hand, A Certain Scientific Railgun is a spinoff to the original series A Certain Magical Index which follows the story of Mikoto Misaka is the third-most-powerful Esper in Academy City.

Main Confusion

So, the main confusion is that many fans find the Certain Scientific Railgun as a part of the main series. It is because the Certain Scientific expands the Sisters arc from the certain magical index in a plotline. For Certain Magical Index sisters arc was just a part of series but for the Railgun, it is main storyline focusing on the events of Mikoto Misaka’s conflict with evil organisations.

Difference Between A Certain Magical Index And  A Certain Scientific Railgun Manga

A Certain Scientific Railgun

The events of Certain Scientific Railgun begin four days before the Index novel where Touma meets Index first time. Touma meets on Mikoto on 19th July.

A brief difference by TV Tropes:

” The manga’s events begin two weeks before the Index novel and anime. The anime, however, violates this by adapting events from Volume 8 of the novels into the anime’s first episode. As it stands, Chapters 18 to 39 occur around the time of Volume 3 in the novels, Chapter 40 is around Volume 5, Chapters 41-42 and volume 8, Chapters 43 to 70 take place around Volume 9, and Chapters 71 to 97 spans around Volumes 10 to 16.”

A Certain Magical Index Season 3 is scheduled to begin airing from 5th October 2018.

So, that is for today’s post; I hope the confusion should now clear.

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