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 How Glider Redeploy will work in Fortnite Update v7.20

Fortnite update v7.20 is coming tomorrow and it will bring a lot of significant changes to the game. The list of changes which will be the part of the update includes, changes to building and glider redeploy is coming as an item.

Previously, when Glider Re-deploy was introduced, it became the matter of great discussion among the Fortnite Community, as few players really liked the concept but some of them found it overpowered as neglects the fall damage. After that Epic Games shifted the Glider Re-deploy from the normal mode and added it to some LTM modes.

Fortnite Glider Redeploy

Now, in the coming update Fortnite Update v7.20, Glider Re-deploy is making a return as an item, where it will take up a slot in the inventory but does not require to be selected to use it. The Re-Deploy glider item will work on, number of charges basis, and if your charges will run out, you won’t be able to use the item any further. Epic Games have not cleared any charges limit.

How Glider Redeploy will work in Fortnite Update v7.20

  • The Gliders item will take up an inventory slot and can be found from normal loot sources.
  • Activate Glider Redeploy as you normally would, you do not need to select the item.
    • Each deploy will remove one charge, when all charges are used the item disappears.
    • Use of Launch Pads, Rifts-to-Go, and LTM respawns will not consume a charge, as these put you in Skydiving mode.

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