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YouTube New feature will tell you how long you spend watching videos each day

YouTube New feature will tell you how long you spend watching videos each day

The tech giant Google at I/O 2018 back in May introduced new tools that help people better understand their phone usage, focus on what matters most and disconnect when needed. Today, one of renowned video watching platform YouTube is receiving a set of new features by keeping an eye on them you will able to understand and take control of your watch time on youtube.

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The new feature will let you know how much time you spent watching videos on YouTube each day and this could be tracked for the last 7 days. You will be able to view this information in your account menu once you get the new update which is rolling out from today itself.

Once you are familiar with how much time you are spending on watching videos on YouTube you will be able to set a reminder which will pop-up and remind you to take a break.

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Another update which will be useful for the users is for the YouTube notification. In the new update you can choose the time to receive YouTube notification, just dive into the settings and choose the time to receive notification, you can also bundle all the YouTube notification in a single notification or what the company says, receive your digest( one single notification per day).

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Also, the notifications for the YouTube app will now be received quietly without any sound or vibration. The default time when the notification will be received quietly is set between 10 pm and 8 am which can also be customized in the settings as per your needs.

source: Youtube Blogs Google

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