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How to play Battlefield V Beta and Battlefield V release date

In the recent days, we have observed all the action-shooting based games has included in-trend Battle Royale mode in the game. The implementation of the Battle Royale mode may differ a bit but the overall concept is the same. You have to eradicate the opponent team and save yourself from the shrinking map area.

As we know the Fortnite has the storm effect while shrinking the map and PUBG has a gas barrier for the shrinking map. The Battlefield V will include the ring of fire when the map will shrink and this ring of fire will destroy everything in its path.

Battlefield V Beta

Battlefield V Beta

EA has posted this statement on their website,

“You’ve seen the Battlefield™ V multiplayer trailer, perhaps played the Closed Alpha, or maybe watched your favourite streamer get hands-on with the all-new multiplayer experiences, like the multi-map Grand Operations. But now it’s time for the Battlefield V Open Beta*, arriving this September.

EA has confirmed on August 20, that the beta of this game will be released on September 6. But if you pre-ordered the game, the beta of the game will be available on September 4

The beta version of the game for generic users will begin on September 6 and stays on for a limited period of time.

The pre-load of the game will begin from September 3, at 8:00 UTC

Battlefield V Beta Early Access

The players who have subscribed to EA access, Origin Access, Origin Access Premier or has pre-order a copy of Battlefield V on PC or consoles will get early access to the Open Beta on September 4.

Battlefield V multiplayer modes

Players can enjoy the 64 Player conquest mode on Rotterdam map or Arctic Fjord map. This mode will require to control the key locations on a map and using weapons and items to destroy the opponents.

Players will also get the royalty to play the two days of Grand Operations in the Open Beta. The mode will relive the historical events and players actions will inspire the actions and gameplay for the next round.


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