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How to catch Shiny Ho-Oh in Pokemon Go Raid Battles

Recently, Charmander Pokemon Go community day concluded in the Pokemon Go game. The next update from Niantic games for Pokemon Go is bringing the Alola forms of Pokemon from the Kanto region and also Legendary Pokemon Ho-oH has been added to the Raid Battles. Players of Pokemon Go has the chance to catch the shiny version of the Pokemon.

 Catch Shiny Ho-Oh in Pokemon Go

Legendary Raid battle which begun from May 19th will ends on June 6th, till that date users can catch this Pokemon in Legendary Raid Battles. Ho-Oh is one of the popular and powerful Pokemon from Johto Journeys.

Catch Shiny Ho-Oh in Pokemon Go

In order to catch this Pokemon, you need to determine which are the best counter Pokemon and how to determine it’s IV.

How to Catch Shiny Ho-Oh in Pokemon Go

This legendary Fire and Flying type pokemon can be found at various Gym during Raid Battles. Locate a Gym with a dark purple egg in top and on the raid tab search a Gym which has Pokemon egg with a rank 5 mark.

It might have the possibility of having the Legendary Pokemon Shiny Ho-Oh. Players have confirmed that Shiny Ho-Oh has 100 % catch rate. You will be able to catch this legendary Pokemon with ease if you have caught past legendary Pokemon like Kyogre, Zapdos and Raikou. Even without the access to these legendary Pokemon, rock types like of Golem, Tyranitar can inflict major damage to Ho-Oh.

Once you catch your shiny Ho-Oh Pokemon, do let us know in the comments section.


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